Alkkemikel Muzik Remix Context


Welcome to Alkkemikel Muzik Remix contest the track that will be featured to be remix is “Kosmic Keys” from the EP “Ultimate Elixer”.

Those remixes that are selected will be included in a maxi demo to be distributed to various record labels and music publishing houses.

Should your remix be selected to be contracted by any entity, 50% of any net revenues  (retail or licensing)  will be awarded to you.

In addition, you will be admitted to the inner circle of “ Our Association”, which will reserve for you a DJ set spot at any of our events.

You will also be privilege with your own VIP list  for complimentary admission or reduce admission and a commission for you.

Your choice

Thank you for your interest in our project. Best of luck!

Guide Lines


You may only use the material available with in the envelopes you download to remix “ kosmic Keys”.

You are free to creatively use any plug –ins, FX’s processors or external gear.

You may not in anyway personally use nor commercially your finish product it will be solely for use by Alkkemikel Muzik .


You have two audio formats to choose from WAV or AIFF

All Samples are 16 bit and 44.1 KHz



Send all remixes to

All remix submission no later then 12 Midnight June 15, 2015


kosmic Keyz Wave file Download

Kosmic Keyz AIFF File Download

© 2015

“All Rights Reserved ”

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